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time flies

the night he was born 
i loved with a love i didn't know was possible
it didn't matter how i got where i was
and that others disapproved
and that the future was unclear
it didn't matter that i was student teaching in three weeks
it didn't matter that there was less than $100 in my bank account

all that mattered was him
he was everything

fast forward six years.....

my heart is still growing for the love i have for him
and it still doesn't matter what happens tomorrow, next week, next month
and it still doesn't matter how much money is in my bank account
he is what matters

Happy Birthday Owen!

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  1. 6? That does not seem possible. Happy birthday, Obo!

  2. The amazing thing is that it is a love that keeps growing...this is lovely Karrie!

  3. Oh awesome! That boy is so blessed to have such a loving momma

  4. oh friend, yes, you are right: our children are all that matter. love to you.

  5. That was beautiful Karrie. I can truly see the love you reign upon your little man. Thank you for linking up today.

  6. Children are a blessing. Always. No matter the circumstances. Glad you appreciate your bundle of joy!

  7. So sweet, Karrie. Happy birthday to your precious Owen!


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