insights from a daughter of the King, teacher, farmer's wife, and Mommy



t  i  r  e  d  

up at 3 am
to hold a sweet baby girl

up at 5am
to get ready for a friday
with lots of student minds to mold today

7:20 they are right on time

3:30 they leave for the weekend

not too worry they will return monday morn
t i r e d

and this new mother will be ready!

my first baby will be 6 years old this's worth all the tired

rusted chain for finger print friday

a new one


  1. Love it! They grow up so fast.

  2. Love ya....I'm there with you....not at 3:30, but the demands of my instinct and desire to pass on the passion for music. ;)

  3. Happy December Birthday to big brother!!


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