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unwrapping a tuesday

Today has been one of those days.  One of those days when you're thankful its curl up on the couch time.

I fought back tears today.  I fought back anger.  I fought back harsh words.  I fought back the urge to throw up my hands and say "do whatever you want" and walk away.  Instead, I smiled, I said good morning, I said "it's OK," I said let me help you, I said please don't say those words in my classroom or any where else for that matter, I said thank you, I said "it's OK," I smiled.

And with each pencil mark Owen made to practice the letter F. I thought you don't have to be perfect Karrie. 
And on this Tuesday I unwrap imperfection. 
And I'm thankful God loves me, all of me, even through my imperfections.

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