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Thankful Thursday Week 2 2011

26.  I am thankful for my kitchen table.  I remember as a child it is where we ate supper, did our homework, had "talks", played board games and crazy eight, and sat with company.  And now I'm doing it all over again with my own children. 

27.  I am thankful for grandparents!  Those that have gone on to be with the Lord and those that are still here with me today.  They each hold a special place in my heart.  They have taught me so much that only grandparents can teach.  Here are recent five generation pictures since the birth of my daughter.

28.  I am thankful for running water.  I take it for granted.  I enjoy a hot shower and a cool glass of water, and do not even think how lucky I am.

29.  I am thankful for my daddy.  I'm a daddy's girl.  He takes care of me and always has.

30.  I am thankful for my dishwasher.  Wow, we dirty a lot of cups and spoons.  I've only had a dish washer for three years.  My old house didn't have one and I'm really glad I have one now.

31.  I am thankful for my sunday school class.  They're still listening to me week after week and never me anyway :)

32.  I am thankful that at 12 years old we aren't fully developed.  We still have growing left, lots of it, on the outside and in the inside.

33.  I am thankful for Chonda Pierce.  She's makes me laugh.

34.  I am thankful for Cranberry Baptist Church, my home church.  They helped raised me.  They taught me to take my bible church, to fellowship, to sing in the choir, to pray, to open your heart and your hands to those around me.

35.  I am thankful that God doesn't always give me what I ask for. 

36.  I am thankful for cowboy boots.  I where them almost every day.  I would wear them everyday but I do have other shoes.  I'm hoping Santa will bring me some new ones.

37.  I am thankful for Christmas.  I know there are lots of people complaining that stores are celebrating Christmas already and thanksgiving hasn't even got here yet, but I could celebrate Christmas all year and listen to the music.

38.  My porch...ahhh.  This spring I got a front porch.  I love it.

39.  I'm thankful for rainy days.  They replenish.  They make you be nice to others.

40.  I'm thankful for students who play basketball.  I played ball today with my students, in a skirt and cowboy boots.  I made relationships and laughter and had fun.

41.  I am thankful for sleepless nights.  My baby girl doesn't sleep much unless I hold her.

42.  I am thankful these words from Paul "Grace and peace to you from  God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."  Boy, I need his grace and peace.

43.  Fresh vegetables.  We dug potatoes this year.  I watched Owen's face as he dug what he had planted.

44,  The ability to learn new things every day.

45.  I am thankful that their are good people in the world doing good deeds.  This summer my grandmother lost her purse in Maine.  She called and canceled everything, got new stuff.  A few weeks later, her purse was mailed to her, with everything in it.

46.  I am thankful my husband gets up in the mornings at 5 am to help me with Addie, while I get ready.

47.  I am thankful for the changing of the leaves.  This year seems to be exceptionally beautiful where I live.

48.  I am thankful for wrinkles.  I'm starting the get them.  I know I know I'm young and I am.  My great grandmothers are 93 and 94, I am a spring chicken they would say.   My life is giving me wrinkles and I'm glad, I really like the ones from where I've smiled.

49.  I am thankful for a three day weekend!  I needed it.

50. I'm thankful  for the blessing of healing.  It has been almost two years since my unborn baby went on to be with the Lord.  And it still hurts, but healing takes time.


  1. I am thankful for you!

  2. i love you SO much. this list made me laugh, cry and smile!


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