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Thankful Thursday Week 3 2011

51.   I'm thankful for my teammates I teach with every day.  We share tears, smiles, laughter, understanding, anger,, and 124 students.  Knowing that I can share just about anything with them about work and personal stuff, makes it easy to go to work everyday.

52.  My pastor, he's a good listener and a good teacher.  And mostly I like that even though people may not like the way he does his job, he still does it and serves the Lord, his church, and his family the very best way he knows how.

53.  Falling leaves that remind me that change is inevitable and we must shed our layers so that we may receive new ones.

54.  Eerie storm clouds telling me God is in control.

55.  I'm thankful for the hard conversations, the ones that you don't want to have, but afterwards there is relief, growth, and change.

56.  Sprout on PBS.  Yes, I'm thankful for cartoons.  It keeps my son happy, and not watching things he shouldn't.

57.  Dinosaurs are extinct.  (We went to the Museum of Natural Science this weekend.)  Image if you had to dodge dinosaurs on the way to work!

58.  Duck tape.  Enough said.  

59.  Christian radio.  It keeps me from getting sucked into things I don't need in my life.

60.  The story of Moses.  He interceded on the behalf of others, showing us we can do the same.

61.  Promotion codes and coupons.  I'm just learning the real benefit of these things, but they are amazing if you get the right ones!

62. Owen likes learning.  He wants to read everything he sees.

63.  I'm thankful for Addie's smiles.  They warm my heart and make me feel like everything is worth it.

64.  I don't live in the city.  I like my country roads and house in the middle of nowhere.  And there is a reason I don't live near target, I would have to have a credit card and debt counseling.

65.  Dependable students.  There are always students in the class that just keep you going.

66.  I'm thankful for Tony's pizza.  For $1 I can have something tasty ready in 14 minutes.

67.  These words:  “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” Psalm 119:18, which lead me to these "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

68.  Pumpkin Pie.  It made my teacher friends happy today.

69.  I'm thankful for missionaries and in awe of their faithfulness.

70.  Owen's desire to give to others.  He got up at 7:00 am Sunday morning to make his shoe boxes for operation Christmas child.

71.  This photo.

 Owen took it this weekend of me.

72.  Friendships.  New ones and old ones.  They make me happy.

73.  I'm thankful for those who take the time to leave comments on my blog and my blog link on facebook.  It helps me know that my words mean something to someone.

74.  My job, with so many people laid off and unemployed, not only do I have a job, most of the time I truly do like my job.

75.  I'm thankful that it is almost thanksgiving, which means even more things to be thankful for, granaw's good cooking and a week at home with my babies. :)

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