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sing His song

so i want to write, but my head, it spins
life is so precious
life it happens so fast
you blink and it happens
and sometimes its not fair
and sometimes i don't understand

we studied Moses' song today
(did you know Moses could sing?)
he sings of how GREAT GOD is
he sings of how GOOD GOD is
he sings of his justice, his truth
he sings of the people of Israel, their failures, their truimphs
he sings of judgement and His grace
and after 120 years of life he is still singing God's praises

at 28 years, 4 months, 9 days -- approximately 14,916,960 minutes of life
I, too, want to sing 

How Great is My God
How much more worthy of praise is He
than anything this world could offer me
How Good is My God
How much more has he given to me
than I could ever deserve......


  1. love. and can't wait to see you!

  2. I love the thought, Did you know that Moses could sing? Did you know that stutterers can sing without stuttering? So when Moses sang there was no speech impediment!

  3. Dear Karrie, I share your love of singing. I often try to imagine how it will be when everyone in heaven joins the angels in praising Him in song. I'm sure even those who didn't think they could sing will have beautiful voices at that time. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I like to do that.

  4. When we can't write, praise is the best option! there are never enough words to write to cover all we can praise him for!

  5. Joining my voice in song with yours in proclaiming the name of Jesus!


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