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Five Minute Friday:

Grateful He was born in a stable with an earthly mom and dad.
Grateful He lived with stories to tell that I may have a model as to live my life as well.
Grateful He took the hurt and pain of those who did not know His greatness.
Grateful He carried my cross, my sin, my guilt, my insecurities up the hill to Mt. Calvary.
Grateful He conquered death, doubt, and disbelief.
Grateful He lives.
Grateful He loves.
Grateful He is my Savior.


  1. Coming over from Five Minute Friday! I love the things you are grateful for. Jesus is SO worth living for! Walking with Him each and every moment makes like so good.


  2. I meant to say "makes LIFE so good!". This iPad makes commenting tricky...

  3. Way to focus my eyes on him this morning ;) So true!

  4. If I could reach through the screen and grab those baby cheeks, I totally would.

    Happy Thanksgiving, friend.


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