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Thankful Thursday 2011

1.  The desire in my heart to study the Word.  If you found it you know what it means, if you haven't I hope that you seek it with all you have.  Know what you believe and why.

2.  My children.  I have two now!  They are my own pieces of art, ever changing and growing.

3.  My husband, I love him!  He is so smart, much more than he gives himself credit for. 

4.  Moma, she quit work to keep my child.  She loved work.  She loved what she did. She loves people.  But she knew I needed her.  Mother's sacrifice for their children.

5.  My sister in law, she stayed with me the whole time I was in labor, till 5 o clock in the morning, then she went and sang at her chuch for the 11 o clock service.  She left a card for me on my first day back at work.  She prays for me.

6.  Music and lyrics that warm your heart. 

 I'm not about to give up
Because I heard you say
There's gonna be brighter days
There's gonna be brighter days
I wont stop, Ill keep my head up
No, I'm not here to stay
There's gonna be brighter days
There's gonna be brighter days

stuck in my head all the time

7.  The bouncy seat, it truly is a moma's second arms.

8. My kindergarten teacher, who is now Owen's.  She has patience and she works so hard for her students.  She is a true inspiration to me.

9.  The view out my windows - priceless, God's art work.

10.  Owen's words such as:
"there seems to be no grey in this pack of crayons"
"pretty please with cheese"

11.  My best friend moving close, really close.  My grandma's house to be exact, it is such a healing to see life in their house.

12.  Baby sounds, ah ah ah ah, even if they come at 1:30 in the mornig and 3:30 and 5:30.

13.  My doctors who "looked" at me ever week this summer and said yep your ok, yep she's ok.  See you next week.

14.  The ability to pay my bills, there may not be much left after but we're still floating.

15.  My students are thankful, giving, caring, funny, despite their immature, rudeness sometimes, and the fact that they are twelve and annoying.

16.  The crock pot that makes good food easy.

17.  Blankets.  I love blankets all year long.  My favorite one my great grandmother made me.

18.  My friend Hannah.  Our long conversations on life and our simple hey how's your day texting, they are are the highlights of my day and week.

19.  My friend Jamie.  She is truly the sister I never had  She loves me and my children and we love her!

20.  The keurig, I know its a guilty pleasure.  But I can have great coffee in two minutes and not have to wash anything but my cup!

21.  Morning alone time.  It is just before daylight that life is most peaceful.  The day and world is not yet awake, but the magic is unfolding.

22.  The book Radical for opening my eyes.

23.  Facebook, I know it is addicting, I know it is the cause of lots and lots of problems.  But for me it can be an outreach.  For instance, I made this post
You are forgiven! You are free in Christ!

That is the message for baptisms, for weddings, for funerals, for your death bed, for the ten year memorial of 9-11, for every single DAY. - lifeingrace
The first two likes I get are from high school students, former students of mine.
24.   Blogging, especially now that I have been doing it for over a year.  Looking back at old post makes me really thankful, because if they weren't here I would have lost the scrap of paper I wrote it on.
 25.  Pictures of my children.  I really like this one.

Every Thursday in November, I will create a list of 25 things I am most thankful for. There are four Thursdays in November making a list of 100! Feel free to join in.

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Undeserving Grace

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  1. :) I think this house is going thru lots of healing as well, and what better way to heal than with a laughing/adventuring/jumping/romping two year old? :) You can tell there is so much love in this house, with each day it feels more and more like home. I'm so thankful to be apart of it. :)


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