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Courtney's Questions

Junior year in college, I decided I needed a job.  So, thus began the job search which lead me to the alumni call center at NCSU.  I applied online, got a call for an interview.  I was terrified.  I had held summer jobs at home, but there was no interview and I didn't work for someone I didn't know.  We know everyone in this small town.  I asked some friends what I should wear and they quizzed me with interview questions.  So, I was ready.  I walk in with my skirt and heels (which you will read more about later) to meet this girl wearing running shorts, a tshirt, and sneakers.  She had beautiful hair, teeth, and makeup on though (never leaves home without it.)  And she said it the most perky voice ever...."Hi are you Karrie?  What's your major?  Are you avaliable these times?  Ok you're hired."    And we became friends....share our cupcakes, get thrown out of bars,  hold my hand "I'm pregnant,"  "will you be in my wedding?" friends.  We have laughed till early hours of the night and now she lives far away and I miss her dearly.  She put me up to this.....Love ya Courtney.

Rules: Post a picture of yourself, tell us 11 things we might not know about you, answer the 11 questions asked of you, then write 11 new questions and tag some friends to play along (let them know you tagged them!)  (where's your pic Court?)

11 Facts
1.  I never read a book in high school.
2.  My first car was a new vw beetle.
3.  I flipped my beetle on it's top on my 18 birthday.
4.  I have made over 15 hand woven baskets.
5.  My house has water on three sides, a creek, a river, and a pond.
6.  I get anxious in cities.
7.  I am an excellent shot with a handgun.
8.  I hardly ever follow the recipe.
9.  I failed Chemistry in college.
10.  I hate to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.
11.  I haven't washed my windows in like 2 years (shh don't tell my mother is has been that long).

Courtney's Questions

1. If you could re-do one decision in your life, what would it be?

WOW just one??  I would not have dated so seriously in high school.  Boys are immature and there is so much more to come, you don't have to get married by 21.

2. What's your all-time favorite scent? Not perfume, but.. like.. smell.

CINNAMON - candles, coffee, cookies, hmmmmmmmmm

3. Do you remember your first kiss? Lol. Just take a minute to bathe in the awkwardness...... and then regale us with it.

LOL....ohhh my.....13, his house...playing outside...his best friend was also there....being the look out, ya know, we certainly didn't want to get caught

4. Speaking of, what's the most awkward moment that you can ever recall?

My first teacher internship.  I was wearing a pencil skirt and heels.  It was a cold, rainy day.  The school I was in had two levels with a big staircase at the entrance.  The stairs had those rubber strips on every step.  They were slick from the rain and my heel caught.  And there I went rolling head over feet to the bottom, during class change.  AWKWARD because I had to come back the next day and embarrassing.

5. What the worst trouble you ever got in in school? Heather Pavel, I did not make you squeeze that fire extinguisher handle.

We were celebrating earth day.  To do so, we went outside and sat in a grassy area and listened to a guest speaker from a local company explain to us how they reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I got bored (imagine that) and began pulling grass and covering my feet, my neighbors feet, legs, arms.....I got yelled at for a good 5 minutes following the speaker.  All I remember is "IT'S EARTH DAY AND YOUR PULLING UP THE GRASS"

6. If you could go back to a place you've visited, where would it be?

Definitely back to Europe...I was 17, ungrateful and uneducated.  I went to the Louvre, for goodness sake, and can remember nothing.

7. Describe the most perfect day of your life so far.

The most perfect day so far in my life was my wedding.  Most (at least 500 of them) of my favorite people, up until that point in my life, were in one place at one time.  It was a beautiful, 72 degree day.  The flowers were blooming, the dress was comfortable, the music was was perfect.  Oh and I married Matthew.

8. Do you have a firm handshake and do you think that matters? PS. I shake hands with the strength of.. the Hulk. I got tired of being squeezed to death, yo.

I shake consistently, not too soft not too hard.  Unless you are my brother, then I'm squeezing as hard as I can.

9. What size bed do you have? Validate your decision. Especially mention if it's a super tall bed. I do not understand the logic. What if you fall out? Wouldn't it hurt way worse?

We have a queen, but just in the last year.  We did have a full, which Owen now has.  Sometimes when we are reading bedtime stories and saying prayers, I think how did we sleep in this thing.  Our bed now is an extra bed my grandmother had, it is not real high or low, just right.

10. What would you buy right now if I gave you $100?

Pay a bill.  Buy formula and gas.  It's 2 weeks till pay day and the good Lord is going to help me get there with everything I need for my family.

11. Complete this sentence: I feel strongest when I . . . .

hold my children.
Anyone join in....leave a link to your post in my comments.
1.  What is your all time favorite dessert?
2.  Where would you go if you could go anywhere on earth?
3.   What's the biggest lie you ever told?
4.  How often do you go without washing your car?
5.  What do try to keep yourself from doing, but some how never seem to get out of it?
6.  What do you take to pot lucks?
7.  What is your proudest moment?
8.  When is the last time you took a nap?
9.  What are you currently reading?
10.  How often do you go to the grocery store?  What do you usually buy?
11.  What was the last thing you prayed for?
Alright answer away......


  1. this made me smile! i will answer the questions in a post friday or saturday....

  2. Great pic of you and Addie!


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