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piling up

things seem to be piling up.  school piles.  clothing piles.  church piles.  garden piles.  bill piles.  toy piles.  dirty dish piles. 

scary pictures of the tv show hoarders flash through my mind.

but as I hold a sick baby girl with 104 temp who is just so pitiful, the piles don't matter

and i think and God whispers  the piles don't matter. 

whatever you have piled up in you and around you.

He just wants to hold you and let you rest in His arms.

How do you handle the piles in your life?

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  1. I have piles too:) but He is more important than any pile. They try to distract me from Him but when I focus on Him, I find my peace. Thanks for your beautiful words!

  2. I have tons of piles. In fact, I was just whining to my husband, last night, that stuff needs to GO! I hope your little one feels better, soon! You're a great mama!

  3. In my experience, the piles will always wait. Hope Addie is better soon.

  4. Sometimes we each just need permission to let go. Thanks for sharing that message today!

  5. I am very bad with piles. I usually freak out. But I am so glad that God whispered and you heard. And I pray His healing hand on your baby girl, that He would flood her body with the Holy Spirit, that she would receive His healing and rest in His arms as she gets better.

  6. I've been struggling with this recently, the "stuff" that seems to accumulate in my home. It seems like there's even more when you have a child, clothes are outgrown, toys are outgrown, and yet day to day it's so hard to find the time to manage those things. Thank you for this message, and for linking up at my blog hop :)

  7. This was a blast of encouragement just before I go to bed -- letting God hold me and let me rest. Hold that's so hard when our babies are sick. We just want to make it "all better." I'm praying you'll feel God's arms around you, too.


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