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grasping the week

the view from sunday..... 9/22/12

on sunday night i always have a great plan for the week
a dinner plan
a blog plan
a take and go plan for my children
but monday she slaps in the face leaving me staggering till bedtime
so i say tuesday watch out
on tuesday it seems i take 1 step forward and 2 steps back
thinking its only tuesday i can do that tomorrow
wednesday comes and its the middle of the week
and by then the papers, dishes, and clothes have started to pile
and i begin to think is it friday yet?
thursday arrives right on time as a breath of fresh air
i think i can write, i can find my floor
but homework and supper they call
then just like that its friday
and i have yet to fully grasp this week of life given to me
what do have to remember these seconds, minutes, days?
how can i hold tight to this week of life given to me?


  1. I love your take on the topic! I can soooo relate to this post too. It seems like the week slips by and I never actually get to take hold of it. Great job!

  2. I understand what you mean; the week ends, and I haven't scratched even one thing off my "to do" list!


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