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when God talks through money

check facebook, check email, check bank account, check blogger

My normal computer routine.  I did these things tonight and then went to check on our Davis.  I was ready to send him a letter, I have been planning what I wanted to say.  Our online account with compassion tells us all the information about Davis and his family that we received in our packet.  As I read I see this:

 Average Family Monthly Income:  158.00

The exact amount of money in my account that I was just upset and depressed about. The amount of money that worries and scares me, so much that I look at the calender and see how many days till pay day.  But this $158.00 is all they get for a whole month.

So instead of complaining and worrying, I pray and give thanks.  I take for granted so much.  I worry too much.  Money being the on the top of the list.  But God has it under control.....if only I can trust.  No, if only I will trust.

Help me by praying for for me and my love hate relationship with money and for our Davis and his family.

Close to 30,000 children will die today due to either starvation or preventable disease.

We are not inconvenienced by this extreme poverty because those stricken by it are not only poor; they are powerless .
God measures the integrity of our faith by our concern for the poor.

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  1. Wow, Karrie. Nothing like that to give you perspective. Thank you for sharing this.


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