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what do you have compassion for?

If you know anything about me, you know I like children, really I love them.  I started working with kids...well I can't remember. I started tutoring other kids in middle school. I remember counting pennies for a friend to go on a field trip that only cost $2 because she didn't have it in 5th grade.  I have worked with kids since I was 18 years old from 1 years old to 18 years old.   I now teach middle school, teach children's church, help direct vbs, and help coordinate a local basketball camp. But all this I do right here in my community.  So, it was time to reach out.  Reach across the oceans and lands and do something for a kid I can't reach from here.....

You can do it too...

You can have compassion for a child who needs you....

You can show God's love from where you are to a child who needs your compassion.

Go.  See for yourself.

Help me pray for Davis, our child who lives in El Salvador and is 5 days older than Owen. 

Learn more about sponsoring a child.

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