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words to hold on to

yesterday the lady at chick fil a looks at my exasperated face and says
the days are long and the years are short
and as i take these long summer days and try to make memories
while putting up with the whining and arguing
i must remember this short sweet statement

because in 22 days i will have a 2 year old little girl 
who sings when she wakes up
and dances even if there is no music

and in a couple months I'll have a 2nd grader 
who will still hold his moma's hand
but doesn't need her to reach the things in the cabinet for him anymore

the days are long and the years are short


  1. Such lovely words to hold onto as I watch over and take care of my two sick kiddos!! Love to you, sweet one.

  2. Karrie- I tried to stop by earlier from SDG and then I saw you at my place :) My kiddos are grown men in their twenties...enjoy your almost 2yr old and almost second grader...the lady at chick fila gave you sound wisdom...being a momma is the best gift in the world!

  3. Truth for any time of life. Love the simplicity of this. (Jumped over from em's place)

  4. yes. yes. how i need this reminder... every hour of every day :) love you karrie. xo

  5. Just love this! Would love for you to share a magic moment with your child or children at Magic Moments Mondays . . . lovely writing!


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