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30 things about turning 30

sunrise on my birthday on my back porch
1.  Remember how smart you were at 20 by 30 you realize you know nothing.

2  You might make a list that may not get completed and it's ok, you should still make a list.

3.  It's not that your getting old so much, but your parents are and you may have to sit with them at the hospital all day on your birthday but you want to.

4.  Getting up before everyone else and having a quiet house is a treat!

5.  When you turn 20 crazy people are running around  at 11 o clock and the night is still young and when you turn 30, crazy kids are running around and by 11 o clock you are hoping to be sleeping like a baby.

6.  By the time you are 30 you start to have a clue about who you really are but you still don't have it all figured out.  Maybe that comes at 40.

7.  You have lived 15,778,500 minutes and wasted quite of few of them or at least I have.

8.  You hope your kids do better than you did, even the kids you may not have yet.

9.  You start to sound like your mother.

10.  Your dreams get bigger and your wallet gets thinner.

11.  Cartoons, music, and amusement parks are not what they used to be.

12.  You have figured out who you real friends are and why they are and hopefully how to be a good friend yourself.

13.  You have lost people who you loved and loved you.

Me on my 30th birthday with my birthday necklace and
my son photo bombing in the back.

14.  You realize you have done some really stupid things but at the time were great ideas.

15.  Your body starts to make noises and things don't work like they use to.

16.  You start sentences with "You remember that time...."

17.  Responsibility has snuck into your life....well for most of us, most of the time.

18.  They have started playing your childhood music on the classic rewind channel.

19.  Shoes are no longer about looks but comfort.

20.  You begin to realize the sacrifices your parents made for you.

21. You have seen the human race do horrible things and amazing things.

22.  You have mastered cooking at least one thing and you have to take it to ever family gathering and holiday event.

Birthday presents from Above
23.  You probably have more debt than you want.

24.  You have bought something big with money that you earned all by yourself.

25.  Things have happened to you and maybe you questioned whether you would live to see the age of 30.

26.  40 no longer seems that bad.

27.  Family has became more important than your self.

28.  Beauty is not skinny, tan, and is stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and grey hairs.

29.  The little things have became important and it is not the end of the world when you don't get your way.

30.  By 30 you have had your heart broken, you have loved deeply, you have attended a funeral of someone you don't won't to let go of, you have seen injustice, you have had your feelings hurt, you have worried, and you have been loved and along the way you have created a journey that is only yours.


  1. Happy 30th Birthday! What a great post! Visiting from Michelle's.

  2. I like your list, Karrie (especially #26 -- I can say that...because I'm 43). Happy Birthday, and thanks for linking up with #HearItUseIt this week.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday, sweet lady! Love you!


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