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God always makes it enough

shoebox packing party 
i look forward to this for months
it is our second year (first year)

2:00pm (starting time of said party) and i looked at the tables and thought well i don't think we going to have that many

there is no way will have as many as last year

the tables had just a few items
and i thought it doesn't matter though 
what matters is that we will have good shoeboxes for a little boy or girl 

we will fill them with love and prayers
and even if it was one that would be enough

but we packed and we packed and we loved and we prayed 
the kids colored their sheets and I spelled North Carolina at least 10 times 

we carried them up and around the alter 
we bowed our heads and we prayed one more time for these boxes and the children they will greet
and we walked away 
and they were loaded up

when they walked downstairs and said 104

104 shoeboxes

i had to laugh 

and to think I had doubted 
I had thought there wouldn't be enough

you see God is always MORE

more than enough

He is...

More than we thought
More than we imagined

and if we take the first step
if we reach out just a little bit
He will prove it time and time again

He doesn't use the extraordinary, He uses the ordinary to do extraordinary.

How has God used your service lately to do more than you thought?

If you aren't familar with the organization Samaritan's Purse, let me introduce you.
They do service and they do it well, from diaster relief to operation christmas child they reach out to those who need and you can easily get involved, which I encourage you to do.
Operation Christmas Child

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  1. We just had our party last week, we collect a specific category of item each month at the church and then have our packing party in November. So much fun and the kids love it! They were super excited this year since their offerings during VBS week paid for the postage to ship them all, they were so proud.


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