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a list of things you may or may not about me

i'm weird.  aren't we all? {yes i talk to myself, and answer}
  • my socks rarely match, and i'm ok with it.  i have even thought that they should just sell socks in singles because really, who keeps them in pairs.  oh may actually not have a sock monster
  • i love fall time change.  i like going to work after the sun comes up.  i love that my husband comes home before the kids go to bed.  i like that it is dark at bed time.
  • taking my family to tweetsie in blowing rock, nc is one of my favorite days of the whole year, right next to christmas morning.  it isn't disney world or myrtle beach.  it is small and simple, if you go on the right day there are no lines at all and the people there are friendly and relaxed.  it is big enough to make me forget the stress of life, but not so big it adds stress if that makes sense. and who doesn't love a train ride through the mountains, singing mice, the tilt a whirl, a chair lift

  • i'm not doing thankful days on facebook.  and i'm a social mediaite.  but i'm loving that when i scroll i find thankful hearts from my friends on my newsfeed.  come thursday though i'll have my 4th annual thankful thursday's on the blog!  here's one from 2010, 2011, 2012 .  It is an amazing thing to see how God has worked and blessed me so
  • i'm training to run a 5k...WHAT...i know its even hard for me to read.  i'm not a runner.  God blessed me by always making me last, and i was perfectly fine being last and just happy i finished.  But a few weeks ago God said you need to run and i've been fascinated with The Color Run.  i did some research and there is one close in winston salem.  so i discussed it with some of coworkers who are runners and my sister in law who runs and we were all ready to go, and then God really spoke.  i had no idea that my best friend was starting a program called Run for God, with 5k at the end in memory of her sweet Jude, but i knew the real reason God said run.....He really is at work in all things
  • i think this video is hilarous and i know it has been overplayed and over done and its secular, but i love it
  • i warned you i was weird

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  1. way to go on the running! when is the color run? and i've seen the fox video all i am ever going to. once. and i wish i had that time back:)

  2. and when is the run for god race? i'm more interested in that one, actually.

  3. I'll take up your position in last place....Mike says I am slow as molasses!


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