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celebrating miracles

As I pulled in to the Chick fil a parking lot the phone rings....i look at the screen and smile as i recognize a dear friends name.  I pull to the side of lot and answer the phone.  My friend who  was then a few months pregnant says I need to talk you, gotta minute?  She goes on to tell me that things with her unborn child aren't good and it could be downs or something else and she's scared and by the end we are both crying and decide we must give it to God because he can do all things.  There are lots of unanswered questions but we know the baby has fluid on his abdomen.

The prayers begin....
The testing begins....
The unanswered questions begin.....

She calls weekly with updates.  I assure her and then cry a long cry when I get off the phone.  We discuss all the possible outcomes...what to do if this, what to do if that.

Labor comes unexpectedly but the doctors are able to stop it.  Fear continues.

Then the call comes that this sweet little boy has arrived and with all the risk and with help... he breathes.

When I arrive at the hospital to visit him, they sign me in as Aunt Karrie.  We walk in to room with giant contraptions for tiny babies.  And there is the sweetest little baby I have ever seen, with his moma's toes and his daddy's smile.   I take pictures of every body part and send to his brave mother who had to watch him leave.  With every breathe he takes I breathe....whatever be your will Father, whatever be your will....give them strength, give them understanding.  My time to leave comes...I hug my friend's husband and say we will just keep praying....

The weekly updates become every other week and pictures through facebook prove daily that life is a miracle.  The oxygen no longer needed.  The pain medicine forgotten.  All miracles from above.

Our time on earth is short and if your still here God still has a plan for you.

This sweet miracle turns one year old today.  His family will celebrate and eat cake, while the rest of us admire and hope that we could be so strong if it were us.  We thank God for our own miracles and hold them extra tight.

We continue to pray for this sweet baby Jude and his family.

God is still in the business of miracles.  Each day your here is proof.

Happy Happy Birthday Jude Finley! 
May you continue to teach us God's in control.

 Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. -Psalm 62:8

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  1. Oh, my. What a lovely story of faith and trusting in God! Thanks for sharing the story and pictures of the little guy-what a cutie pie, and I especially love his "Miracles" onesie!


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