insights from a daughter of the King, teacher, farmer's wife, and Mommy


blessed again this week....


  • addie's babbling
  • birthdays
  • continuous conversation with bffs  
  • spring break plans
  • lettuce that came back
  • overflowing strawberry plants
  • 3 days of students
  • coffee
  • teaching geometry....i know i'm a nerd
  • no mt.dew for three days! i do have will power


  • gallbladder attacks can last 6 hrs and may make you consider death, but drugs from the er do help
  • things do grow legs and walk off.....or someone moves them....same thing
  • I did not gain this weight overnight, I will not loose it overnight
  • sometimes cereal for lunch with 5 funny kids is all you need to boost your spirits
  • if you tweet a picture of a celebrity they might possible tweet back....I got a retweet from Sammy Kershaw :D
  • students are more than tests
  • google calenders and tasks are my new procrastination tools
  • sometimes all you need is a good, deep down inside laugh to turn your day around

For the LORD is good.

Psalm 100:5

go back with me to 1993

tell me about the blessins' and lessons of your life this week.....

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