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peeking through the windows

often times i find i'm just peeking through the windows of life
never enough courage, strength, money to go in and experience the real thing
like going on a mission trip
or picking up a stranger walking on the side of the road
i just peek though the window 
thinking "jesus would have picked him up"
"jesus would sacrifice to go to romania"
you ever compare yourself to jesus?
guess what i always come up short
i probably wouldn't even have went on the streets when jesus came through on the donkey
i would have just watched through the window 
peeking through

my word for 2013 is listen
and i have been working really hard to listen to God
to spend more time in prayer quiet than talking
but as i've been reading and watching "the bible" on the history channel
the difference between those that made the BOOK and those who did not
are not only the ones who listened but the ones who acted
they didn't peek through the windows
they went out in the streets and proclaimed for Jesus

are you peeking through the windows of life?

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  1. Eeek. You are right-those that committed to action, to stepping out of their comfort zones and trusting, using their gifts, made a difference.
    Thanks for that important reminder!
    I'm really enjoying the series-how about you?


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