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Old School Q & A

Remember when questionnaires came in your email and it said you've got mail.  Well, these ladies are taking us back to the old school blogging way.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
  • March 2003 - I was a sophomore at NC State living in Wood Hall.  
  • My grandmother was very sick. I came home a lot to be with her.
  • driving around in my bright red beetle bug ( oh how I miss her)
2. What 5 things are on your to-do list?
  • complete this blog
  • laundry
  • pull weeds in the strawberry bed
  • play outside with my babies
  • take a nap, because I loose an hour of sleep tonight!
3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
  • coffee
  • mt. dew
  • pears
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:
  • travel!!
  • pay off debts
  • by an awesome family car with heated seats and keyless entry
  • give give give
  • save some 
.....i'm afraid it would go fast.....
5.   Name some places you have lived:
  • Roaring River
  • Raleigh
  • Ronda
  • Roaring River that order...apparently I can only live in places that start with R
6.   Name some bad habits you have:
  • not putting things back when I get them out
  • not answering the phone
  • eating too much
  • soda
  • not sorting my laundry 
.......and the list goes on...... 
7.   Name some jobs you have had:
  • Chicken House Worker/aka Brother's slave
  • 4-H camp counselor
  • Cashier @ HG GREENE's
  • Eckerds Photo Lab
  • NC State Annual Fund
  • Wilkes Developmental Day School
  • 7th Grade Math Teacher
  • 6th Grade Math Teacher
....and a mommy for 7 years.....
8.   Name those you are tagging for #OSBlog:


  1. i loved reading this. made me smile:) i miss your voice.... i will answer these questions for a post next week!

  2. I love that you have only lived places with an R.
    I also used to have a horrible habit of not putting things back right away, but I am desperately trying to break it - so far so good!



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