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he prefers God

"I like friends but I prefer God."
This is what my son wrote on his writing assignment. He had to use the vocabulary word prefer and this is the sentence he chose to craft.  This seven word sentence that reads so small but its meaning, wow, its meaning.  I think I'll paint it in his room for him to see for years to come with this letter.
Dear Owen,
You are going to grow up and make lots and lots of friends.  Because you're cool like that. Friends will come and they will pull and push and convince.  Preferring God will take courage and strength and sometimes you won't think its cool.  Some friends may be mean to you because of your preference, they might call you names and talk about you behind your back.  But God, He will be right there with you.  And other friends, friends of Christ, they will pick you up when you fall down and they will be a shoulder when you need a friend. And God, He will take care of you no matter what.  I am praying for your choices and the battles you are going to face and may you always make God your preference.




  1. Such a nice letter and such a wonderful seven word sentence. He sounds like he has a firm foundation. You must be a great Mom.

  2. Awesome sentence. Me, too, Owen.


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