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5 minutes on being lonely

lonely....i've been lonely
in a room full of people
on my couch at home
sitting in my car
and walking in a store
lonely sneaks up on you
it crawls inside 
and whispers things you don't want to hear
"nobody likes you"
"why haven't your friends text you"
"you are ugly"

lonely is a bully
lonely has no friends
lonely crushes happiness and joy

so how do i beat lonely
i don't feed it or sit down and let it win


i send up a prayer to my one true friend
who tells me He will never leave me alone

“Never will I leave you;
 never will I forsake you.

Hebrews 13:5


  1. Karrie, Your personification of "lonely" is all too familiar to me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Karrie, This is amazing! You described lonely to a tee and made it come to life. It does sneak in and try to take over. I am so glad I stopped by from FMF! Patti

  3. The worst kind of lonely is when you are surrounded by people and you are lonely. I get that.


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