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lasts lead to firsts

find the beauty in the lasts
last is such a finalizing word

your last day of 29
your last day of high school
the last piece of pie
the last weekend of summer vacation

but last is the next step towards the next new beginning
and without lasts we wouldn't have firsts or middles or in betweens

the first day of 30
the first day of marriage
the first piece of cake
the first day of school

and while we don't want things that have "lasts"
we definitely want "firsts"

and may we hold on to what the lasts have left us with
so that the firsts may be even better

pray for me as i have my first year as an eighth grade social studies teacher, my first year with a 2nd grader, my first year with a two year old GIRL and pray that my lasts will have taught me exactly what i need to know to make it through 

what can firsts and lasts can i pray for....for you?

Five Minute Friday


  1. These are such encouraging thoughts -- finding and celebrating firsts. It brought to mind the old Irish sentiment "looking forward with pleasure and backward without remorse." Thank you for the reminder!

    I also loved your statement "pray that my lasts have taught me exactly what I need to know." I'll be in prayer for your upcoming firsts. :-)

  2. Lovely! What perfect perspective! Last IS so final, but you are so right, every last is the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another! Thanks for sharing this! (And your land looks so refreshing!!)

  3. such a true statement... lasts lead to firsts... and may your firsts this year be beautiful ones.

  4. Hi...checking in from over at FMF

    This is a beautiful and thought-provoking post. As a fellow mom and teacher, I pray that your school year goes smoothly and that you will be able to balance work and home.


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