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decoration day

since i was born
on the third sunday in august
we have traveled up the mountain to my great grandmothers
in the appalachian mountains of nc

a holiday from long ago
that takes me back to my roots
to honoring loved ones
and remembering a culture long forgotten
where time moves slower
where generations of women laugh 
while they wash dishes
by hand
because there is no dishwasher
and they don't care
where the men still sit on the front porch
no matter the weather
and discuss all things life related

where the kids still run in the yard
and play hide and go seek
dirt on their church clothes
and not a worry on their mind

and i wish time still moved so slow
that the young still cherished the old

that front porch sitting became an every day thing
where houses were too small to hold us all 
but we didn't mind at all
and kids only had to worry about how many slices of watermelon they can eat
before they go home

what traditions do you still have in your family? how do you hold on to your roots?

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