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story of the pearsauce

In Old World folklore, planting a pear tree was a living good-luck charm on your property. My dad bought our farm over thirty years ago from an older couple, who had built and worked the land.  The farm had all kinds of fruit trees and perennial goodness, which over the years my dad has preceded to kill all of, except the pear tree.  My family has done nothing with the pears, well my brother and I used them for ammunition and let me tell you they do hurt.  When I was young, there were a few times when people would come to pick them and I always wondered what they did with them.  Several years the frost would get the tree and we wouldn't have many or any pears.  I remember one year in high school, I was arguing with my dad about whether there were pears on the tree and he said there wasn't and I said there was at least 1, because I had saw it.  So about 10:30 that night I took my dad's big Duramax Chevy truck, backed it up to the pear tree, climbed up on the back and on top of the tool box to pick the ONE pear that grew on the pear tree and take it to my dad.  {i'm not stubborn.....wink}

i think it is a kieffer pear tree, thats what my research has said

Well, it is no secret that I love to garden and cook and find it absolutely amazing to take raw goodness of the earth and see what I can do with it.   Last fall I made crock pot applesauce, which is delicious and super easy.  And these pears are a lot like apples, they aren't really to eat because they are hard and best used for cooking.  So, I replaced the apples in the applesauce with pears and made pearsauce.


12 - 15 pears cored and cubed
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
cinnamon or apple pie spice to your tasting

place and stir in crockpot on high for 4 hours
use can mash to the consistent you like

(you can use the same recipe for apples)
(makes house smell scrumptious)

I, then, decided it that I liked it so much and there was plenty of pears on the tree that we should be able to enjoy it all year!  So I canned 12 half pints.  It was my first time canning by myself (my husband did help a little).

It is sooo good on ice cream with caramel!

My kids helped me pick the pears and they did enjoy throwing them just like my brother and I.

see her hiding that pear in her hand


  1. yum. this is a keeper. for you, know, in five years when my trees begin to bear....

  2. The canning I can do, now if only someone would volunteer to do all of that pear peeling!


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