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a sunday story of beautiful living

i often look at people and wonder "what's their story?"

last sunday as we walked around downtown asheville i thought that a lot

we drove there, my husband, my brother, and my sister in law

we hadn't ate dinner together without children in 8 years

there was a historic street festival going on Bele Chere

and we had no idea

even though the husbands didn't believe us

because there is no way we would have got them there

there was bad karaoke and interesting art

and it wasn't the story we planned on

we planned to see our favorite acappella group at a club

but it was sold out

so we walked the streets

and gave culture to our husbands

and as it turns out

bele chere means 

beautiful living

and isn't that the story we are all trying to write


  1. Love the serendipity of this story! I also love that you gave culture to your husbands. Ha! :) Have a wonderful day and continue in belle chere!

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  3. Our plans don't always end up as we planned. But how fun to give a little culture to your husbands. :) Sounds like some beautiful living.

  4. Bele chere. This is my new favorite different-language-phrase!

    Thanks for this lovely, peaceful story.

    (Stopping by from FMF.)

  5. Ha! I love that you come for a little time in the city and end up smack dab in the middle of Bele Chere. You know this was the last year so you got in on that! I want to know everyone's story. My husband thinks it's nosey, but me, I call it interested.

    Love you, girl!


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