insights from a daughter of the King, teacher, farmer's wife, and Mommy


snippets of my sunday

pancakes at the table with my family of four 
sun blazing in the window to floor
running sound for the men
as they delivered the Word through music and words
remembrance of my grandfather and the way that he loved
how serving those next door is as important as those you don't know
laughter around the lunch table at the local steak house
with all 11 of my family gathered for lunch
picking on my brother about his shirt
that looks like it goes on a 8 year old 
not a big ol' boy
searching the part stores for an engine warmer 
so the tractors will crank and the work can be done
chili beans cooking on the stove
with cornbread fixed by my favorite son
back at our table forced to sit and talk and eat 
for 20 whole minutes without getting up 
serenaded by the mandolin while i washed the dishes 
and counted the blessings
and prayed for the week
and thought to myself
i don't know what i did Lord to deserve all of this 
but thank you for the blessings that i so often miss


  1. Hello! I'm visiting from Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday. Thanks for your beautiful words, and the reminder to step back and give thanks for the simple, beautiful and holy blessings right in front of me. Peace, Kim


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