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the risks that keep on going #RiskRejection

let me take you back to the beginning  
my friend, Amy, has this great idea for us to take the plunge so to speak
and risk it for the goals we have been putting off
so i did

my three risks

run - as i sit typing my legs are aching, i have been running three times a week.  my first 5k is March 8 and i'm so excited.  it is honor of my sweet jude

money - the tastefully simple boxes are open.  my first party is Feb 9 and i'm nervous.  but i think it is going to be a good thing.  once i get my website up and going, i'll be advertising on here and you can order right there from you seat and it will come right to your door :) go start looking through the catalog

missions - i must be honest and say this one is kinda a fail.  i didn't talk to the people i had in my mind i wanted to mission to, but i did mission to some unexpectedly and learned that the risk that aren't prepared for, may leave you the most rejected 

so there you have it, the best thing about these risks is that even though this challenge was for one month, these risks are pretty much for forever

january has been busy, looking forward to february!


  1. Oh, I'm excited about your running!!! Yay, Karrie! Please let us know how it goes. I know it will be fabulous!

  2. Wow, these are all hard risks for sure! I'm proud of you! Hope everything goes well for your party in a week or two and excited for you for your 5k!

  3. Keep going! Checking out your TS site right now!

  4. awesome follow through on your risks! So sweet for you to run on behalf of sweet Jude. I read your post on that little miracle boy - so precious. And good luck on your party. I've never heard of tastefully simple and just checked out the catalog - very cool! The dips look delicious.

  5. The best risks keep going! Looking forward to hearing about the journeys.

  6. Wooohooo! Amazing. I know starting up a business is risky - been there. But you can do it! And yay for running!!!!! Praying for you as you continue your RiskRejection journey!

  7. next risk - run the CIS 8K with me in may!

  8. Karrie,
    This is exactly how I felt about my "Talking More About Jesus" risk. I may have bombed for the week, but it's more of a forever challenge. Proud of you and thankful you participated.

  9. I signed up for my first 5K today. My business plans are in limbo. But it's all OK. Good and bad all together, you're gonna have both. I'm excited that you have a party scheduled already! Good luck!!

  10. This #RiskRejection is definitely a lifelong journey. So glad you're embracing it! Good luck with your new business.

  11. Go, go, go! It looks like there will be a lot of cool things happening in the upcoming months!


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