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when did we lose the art of visiting
it seems now we only call if we need something
we would never stop by someones house without notice
the thought of someone stopping by our house is horrifying
because they will probably find it dirty
as i child i remember going to visit people

but only a few times as an adult have i practiced this old act of kindness
because i'm too busy
because i don't want to intrude
because what will i do with my children

but the few times i have 
it has been a blessing to myself and the person i stopped to visit
because it takes time
it makes someone feel important
you get to say "i didn't come to see your house, i came to see you"

when was the last time you "visited"?

writing today for five minutes with Lisa Jo @ FMF

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  1. There are so few time that we do actually visit just for the sake of visiting, isn't it? I kind of miss those days. I think God that I do have a few of those friends that I don't mind if they just drop by.
    So glad I got to visit with you for a few minutes from #FMF it was fun.


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