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what's wrong

my husband has asked me twice today "what's wrong"
my reply, "i don't know" (which comes out as idonnano (with the shoulder shrug))

you ever feel that way....something could be wrong, a lot could be wrong, a lot is wrong.....but nothing big, nothing really worth complaining about

we studied one of Jesus' miracles today in Sunday school
the one where a group of friends take a paralytic man to Jesus
its one of my favorite stories
as i studied it the last time i taught the story, i learned they probably didn't even know the man they just met him on the side of the road on their way
and yet they took him, carried him all the way.....
they didn't stop when they got there and saw the crowds
they kept going...all the way
they carried him to the top of the building and lowered him down to Jesus.
and yet the miracle is not that he was healed, but that they were forgiven

what's wrong with me?  i need to carry someone to Jesus so that I can be forgiven
so that my faith can be restored

isn't it funny how we set out to help others and see them saved and we are the ones who receive the help, the forgiveness

God called us to GO...TELL....carry them if you have too.


  1. Wow, what an awesome point, Karrie. I don't think I've ever read that story that way.

  2. I have "what's wrong" days quite often. This post makes me smile. I think that means you just carried me over one of those bumps...and God smiled :)

  3. Hello! Thanks for commenting on Emily's post at my blog yesterday. It was nice to meet some new people. I look forward to seeing you there again!

    I love this story about the paralytic man also. Those healings, evidences of love, still carry power today, even if we didn't see them with our own eyes.

  4. I don't think I've read that story in that way either and I love the point that you make here: isn't it funny how we set out to help others and see them saved and we are the ones who receive the help, the forgiveness

    I love sharing our stories and of what God is doing in our lives so that we can help others over their bumps and they can help us over ours.

  5. I love it when people tell a bible story in their own words. It's like unwrapping a brand new gift. Thanks for sharing your beautiful perspective.


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