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i've never thought of my friends as a community
i've never considered what my life would be without my friends
i've always thought of my friends as family
but really they are more

what makes a community
living near each other
liking the same things
looking alike
no, no, no

a community is when you are part of each others lives
the every day
the nitty gritty
the good the bad and the ugly

a community is meshed and mashed, smiles and tears more than friends
they share their lives together
face to face, screen to screen, phone call to phone call
holding each other up as they travel this world together
a community

who's ready to gather with the inRL 2012 incourage community tomorrow?  me me me


  1. I don't know what I'd do w/o my community, especially b/c my family lives far away! Enjoy your tomorrow! I wanted to participate until I realized it was taking place the same day as Cade's Black Belt test!

  2. Sharing life together - yes, that's community! Funny how it is so easy for some and hard for others. I like that you pointed out that it doesn't mean we are all the same or liking the same things.

    God bless!

  3. Love it :) Especially 'holding eachother up as we travel the world together :)


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