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heaven on my mind

my pastor has been doing a study on heaven. 

do you......
     Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Collossians 3:2

what do you look foward to doing in heaven.....

today he said the top the three things we will be doing
1.  worship  (i can't wait)
2.  resting   (i can't wait)
3.  serving the Lord  (i can't wait)

three of my favorite things to do!!

i try to set my mind on heaven......this is not our home....this is brief and fast and we are merely dust....

but to get to heaven i must overcome my fear of death......

what are your heavenly thoughts?

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  1. That fear of death is real for me. But I know heaven is where my heart longs to be satisfied. Nice to meet you through Graceful.


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