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i planted an herb garden this weekend
i know nothing about herbs

it was our first day back from spring break today
just 5 weeks left of the 2011-2012 school year....woohoo

addie has learned to speed crawl
she follows me around everywhere i go

owen entered a writing contest with UNCTV PBS kids
he won 3rd place out of all entries!!

i pray and plea with God for a friend
her family, her baby

wednesday is my anniversary
three years....i love him more everyday

if you know me and have ever talked to me
i talk like this
and at the end of the conversation
i'll be back with the herbs
i did learn lemon balm helps with indegestion

lovely linkys
Jen @ Soli De Gloria
Shanda @ On Your Heart Tuesdays


  1. Happy Anniversary! Some days I am pretty random too :)

  2. Let's say that there are 23 school days left, sounds shorter than 5 weeks!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Have a very blessed anniversary.

  4. Three years? You are still practically a newlywed. We hit 14 this year. I like your sparkler pic and your random post. Can't wait to hear your random thoughts in person.

  5. LOL! You can bring your randomness all the way to Austin, TX for the SDG retreat, girl! Love your humor! Happy anniversary!

  6. Yahhhhh, this cracks me up, yes, I am a little random too. I think us girls are just multitaskers even the way we talk. Ha!


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