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good bye

God be with you.......
that's how we got to good bye
over the years it was shortened and changed
how i wish is was still God be with you
i think i would like it much better
never been a fan of good bye when it comes to people
i often say see you later instead
good bye seems to be too permenant
maybe i'll start a new trend and go back to the orginal
God be with you.......



  1. Oh, friend, goodbye does always seem so permanent, doesn't it! I try to say "See you soon!" whenever I can :) Glad I visited today!

  2. And what a blessing and reminder it would be to hear those words whether you are the one good-byeing or the one being good-byed.
    Visiting from 5-minute friday :)

  3. god be with you. and see you soon:)

  4. God be with you is a beautiful way to part. Lovely words to read today. Stopping by from 5 Minute Friday, and it is so nice to meet you.

  5. Karrie,

    Thanks for visiting my site! You have a beautiful family! I enjoyed reading your best friend moved eight hours away a few years ago....I felt many of the words that you wrote....thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer from


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