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when did your relationship with Jesus begin
as a child, as a teen, as an adult
when were you together
on the same page
i knew Jesus as a child
i knew who He was
what he did
who his parents were
i knew Him
but he didn't know me
we weren't together
i could tell you all the stories
all the big parables
but we weren't together you see
until one day
when i fell on my knees
you and Jesus are you together
you are His and He is yours

1 comment:

  1. together isn't just knowing and inhabiting the same space, is it? it involves trusting...

    i remember the say when instead of just knowing that i loved Jesus... i needed Him to forgive me, cleanse me, clothe me and make me acceptable to His Father.

    that was a precious day...

    thank you for sharing your testimony so beautifully!


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