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i spoke of sacrifice on good friday because on friday thats what i thought it was about, but here on monday  all i see is forgiveness

i gave up fast food for lent.  it was was getting to be a problem.  its expensive and we don't have a lot of pennies to spare.  my weight is an issue and fast food isn't really helpful.  so i gave it up....a sacrifice.  wrong.  i made a sacrifice for me not Him.  sure i was faced with tempation and i prayed for strength.  but one morning about week four i "thought" i was staving.  so i ran up to bojangles before school.  ordered a sausage biscuit, all the while looking around to see if anyone say me.  i sat my biscuit on my console between the seats and in about two minutes as a made a turn my biscuit fell in the floor board, all the parts face down in the dirt. (yes i have a dirty car..i live on a dirt road, i'm married to a chicken farmer, and i have a six year old boy)  i had taken two bites on my biscuit...i cryed all the way to school.   not because my biscuit had fell but because i had.  saturday i confessed my failure to my mom.  she said you didn't eat it, i would have blown off and ate it.  i said "no it was a sign."  she says your right it was a sign.....the sign is God forgives. 

Easter shows us many things with its story, Jesus' sacrifice, His horrible death, He ressurection, His eternally.  But under it all the blanket of forgiveness rest.  With the disciplices, Peter especially, with the two prisioners by His side, with the guards who beat Him and pierced His side.

 Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34 sins...forgiven

This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.
Matthew 26:28 


  1. Sometimes it can be so hard to accept the gift of forgiveness. We forget that it is a gift that we can't earn, merely accept. Don't you love when God uses something like a biscuit to remind us?

  2. The blood of the covenant. We are in covenant with Him. Everything that is our is His and everything that is His is ours!!!

  3. Hello, neighbor (at Michelle's Hear It list). It's a blessing to learn from a Lenten discipline, even when all we learn is our weakness and His grace. Your post reminds me of the pastor's words at my church Sunday; he observed how Jesus told Mary to tell "the disciples and Peter" about the resurrection. His interpretation was that Peter, because of his denial, would no longer consider himself a disciple, and Jesus' singling him out assured forgiveness.

    Grace and peace be yours in abundance in the crucified and risen Christ.


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