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I spent the day with Owen yesterday.
We visited Tweestsie.
We rode the ferris wheel, the tilt a whirl, the scrabbler, and the train.
We feed the goats and the llamas.
We looked at the blue ridge mountains.
We talked about how great God is.
Owen said, "He is the awesomest one of all."
And we got back in the car and tears ran my face.
Why do I expect so little from Him?
Why is it so easy for my child to see how great He is and I forget so quickly?


  1. So true - to expect so little from our God.
    Sad ... but true. I'm glad He spoke through Owen to you! He is the awesomest!

  2. Faith like a child. There is a reason the Bible talks about it. Somewhere in the growing up we lose our wonderment about everything, including God. But we become parents, I believe, to re-learn it through our children's eyes. They are the best teachers!

  3. As is so often true, the most amazing truths come out of the mouths of children.


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