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don't give up

it started off as a normal Sunday morning
get up, feed the kids, get them ready, get me ready, pack the diaper bag
get everyone in the car, and off to church we go
i have been teaching young adult sunday school for 6 years
 i have prayed often "is this what you want me to do Lord
maybe i should take a break, maybe i should let someone else teach for a while
 i'm just not getting through to them, Lord"

as i pull up to the church this morning i see her
i see her dyed red hair
her awkard stance, her blessed belly
and i hear the holy spirit "don't give up"

an older couple in the church reached out to her
she lives  near their house
she has no car, no husband
she has a three year old and a baby on the way
and she says i'll be back next week
as long as peggy and david bring me
i can help with bible school maybe
i can be in the nursery

i leave church tears flowing
heart breaking
people need Jesus
why aren't others in love with Him
why can't they see how awesome He is
how, why, what can i do?
why can't they see there are others right in their back door who need Jesus
we don't have to go to Africa or Haiti(although they need us too)
we can be a missionary right here

keep praying
keep working
don't give up

help me pray for this young lady
how do you reach out to those around you?


  1. Thank you for your service to those He Loves. Thank you for being poured out like a drink offering to be His Hands and Feet. Thank you for trusting Him for the Fruit. And thank you for linking up! :)

  2. We had a prodigal return on Sunday too. Life in shambles. Let's pray for these young girls, friend.


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