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my daughter loves to dance
she claps her hands and wiggles her hips and stomps her feet
and sometimes there is music
and sometimes there is not
she doesn't care who watches
and she always ends with a smile

oh that we could dance just because
without the looks the stares the questions
oh that we would

when i hold her at church, she will sing with the choir
and before i know it her hips are moving in my arms
and her hands are clapping
truly worshipping

oh that we would truly worship
give it all up for God
all that stops us -- other's, pride, pretentiousness, judgement
and just dance

Five Minute Friday


  1. How true. Great post Karrie. Have a great day!

  2. yes! 'sometimes there is music and sometimes there is not' ... love your words!

  3. This is beautiful, Karrie! We all need to live with child-like faith. We need to dance/worship like nobody's watching.

    So glad I stopped by today. Followed your link over at Lisa-Jo's place.

    Happy Friday!


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