insights from a daughter of the King, teacher, farmer's wife, and Mommy



seeing summer these days....

laughing little girl....

helpful little man....

summer will be short
10 weeks
but I will get to see my children eat breakfast
I will get to see my vegetables grow
I will get to see my family and friends
and if I look
I will get to see God's handiwork
His blessings
His work
in my life
every where

But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.  Deuteronomy 4:29


  1. Very nice! How come your summer is so short?

  2. Oo! August 1?!! I never had to do that when I taught! I pray God just doubles your pleasure in those things, so that it's like getting twice as much time of enjoyment! (Lovely post, btw, and what heart-warming pictures of those sweet young ones of yours!)

  3. SUMMER. Right there with you...cannot even wait :) Adorable pictures :)

  4. Looks like you've got a beautiful summer ahead. Those sweet little faces will be you sunshine even if it rains (in which case, you just throw on a suit and go rain dancing anyway:) Love your big garden. Wishing I had a place to plant right about now. I do have 2 banana racimes almost ripe and ready for loads of banana bread making though. That should keep me busy for awhile!


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