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risk it

{i'm did you hear about the girl who spilled coffee on her computer and now the n, i , u, j, and enter key do not you know how much you use the i and n key!  so i couldn't blog or write or think.  then my grandma showed up with her beautiful laptop, where she had been looking up how to clean silver, and says "i felt sorry for you, use mine"  love her!}

five minute friday: risk

risking it all
take a risk
risky business

from the top of the zipline i have reconsidered my decisions to take a risk
when looking at my bank account i have wondered why i'm so risking with my money
sometimes matthew eating the leftovers from a few days is too risky for me
i have often felt bad for risking sharing my opinion and advise
but i've never regretted the risk of sharing my faith, my love for God, how much God loves you
the guilt, the shame, the pit in the stomach doesn't come
joy, relief, love those show up

the girls i risk it with

risk it
risk dislike, risk the loss of a friend, risk the eyes from stangers
tell someone about God

or consider the risk of them never knowing

Five Minute Friday


  1. Oh how true it is to "consider the risk of them never knowing..." Continue risking dear sister.

  2. Thanks for sharing these words today Karrie! (And thanks to your Grandma for lending her laptop!) This is powerful stuff... the line about "risky" leftovers made me grin. (My hubby does the same thing. Yikes.) But you are so right-- which is more important-- risking a friendship, or risking that we had a chance to share Jesus with them but never did. WOWZERS. So glad I stopped by from FMF! Blessings!

  3. awesome grandmother!!! youknow i am covetous of grandparents anyway. now even more so. and great words here. and when do we see each other again?


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