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My Story

Our testimony speaks volumes.  It cannot be argued with.   The story of God in your life is your story, no one else’s and no one can disagree, rewrite, or change your story.  Here is my story.

I was born to great parents and a great brother, on a small farm in a small community where everybody knows everybody.   We didn’t have a lot, but we didn’t want for much either.  My husband would say I was spoiled, I would say I was blessed.  They took me to church and raised me in a good Christian home.   On June 21, 1991, during VBS at my church my brother walked up to confess his sins and give his life to Jesus and as most little sisters I wanted to be just like my brother.  So, what did I do but walk up to the altar right behind him.  I was 8 years old and loved Jesus!

Read the rest of my story over at Critty Joy .  
(my first guest post...ehhh :))

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  1. I read the rest of the story and made a comment there. I hope others go there. It's an inspiring story.

  2. So happy to have read your story. God's presence is embedded deep in the words. May you be blessed.


  3. So glad to know you and the young man who co-stars in your story! Great guest post, Karrie!


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