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hopefully this is not how you feel/worship
(but i can't help giggle)
but it is easy to get stuck
for these things to creep in and you find yourself
to not be fully in the light
may you find worship that is fresh, renewed, and joyful this week
serve the Lord with gladness
for He is Good!

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  1. hilarious. and ahem. true of me sometimes....

  2. It is fun to be silly and giggle a bit! Then we get down to business and worship our Lord with Gladness. Well done!

  3. Hilarious!!! and scary, because it can be true!!! Great Monday morning wake-up song, Thanks!

  4. Love the thought of finding fresh ways to worship Him!!

    (and Kendal told me of conversations in the hallways about if you really should come to the SDG retreat. The answer is YES!) :)


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