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new life developments.

I feel like writing today.  I'm not really sure why.  Yesterday, I felt like an adult and today I feel like writing.  Wow, I really am getting old.  It's 6:00pm and I'm on my fourth cup of coffee, but don't worry it won't effect my sleep.  I think I could sleep for months (maybe if I did it would be enough beauty sleep).  There have been recent developments in my mental and physical health, I am not crazy!  I know you are surprised, its only my thyroid playing tricks on me.  Thus, the never ending tiredness, sadness, uncontrollable crying, freezing, blah feeling - thyroid.  Who knew such a little organ that hardly ever gets mentioned could cause so much trouble.  I mean its not your like your kidneys are failing or a heart attack.  There is no rush to the hospital when your doctor says your thyroid no longer works.  But you can tell, you can tell you feel like crap, but you can live through it.  I don't feel deathly ill, just a little like Eeyore (maybe he has thyroid problems, seems fitting.)  But it was when I said to the doctor "So, I'm going to have to take this medicine forever?"  and he replied "Yes," that it really sank in.  I am no longer young and healthy.  I mean no has to know.  It never occurred to me that people could be judged on their medication.  I don't look at people and think I wonder what kinds of medication that take every day (once again a sign of old age).  Or have I ever been able to carry on a conversation about the generic brands of prescription.   So, as of late, I'm entering a new stage of life, which leads to all new google searches, conversations, budgeting in a fixed income, things to do when you wake up, things to pack when you go on a trip, and as with most med, blood work.  Ohh, life, just when I think I got it figured out you throw a new pitch.

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  1. I know it had to be hard to experience that but at the same time there is such a relief in knowing there was something causing it and even though you will have to take the medicine for the rest of your life... knowing soon.. you might feel slightly better... you know it will be worth it.

    Hoping you get some rest soon!

  2. lol you are so fun. i love this stream-of-consciousness piece. xo

  3. I am glad you will be feeling better-thats all that matters!! .... as a side note I've been taking daily anti-migraine medicine for 4 years now...improves my quality of life by 100 percent!! Blessings to you and your family!! :)

  4. If we never had any Eeyore days, we wouldn't appreciate all of the Pooh days. Hope you get everything straightened out and find a medicine that will make you feel more like yourself soon. Keep your chin up!


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