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Thankful Thursday Week 2

26.  I am thankful for my students past and present.  They make everyday worth coming to work.  They have taught me patience and understanding, the importance of discipline, and the real meaning of respect.

27.  I am thankful for animals.  From the smallest mouse to the largest elephant, they are amazing.  Each with its own purpose and job.  They show God's work in everything they do.

28.  I am thankful for my love of cooking.  I love to try new recipes and cook for other people.  It is so much fun to cook with Owen as well

29.  I am thankful for Christmas!  I love watching people open presents.  I love going to the Christmas play.  I love the smells, the tastes, and the sounds of Christmas.  My Granaw Sue loved Christmas and she made she we all did too!

30.  I am thankful for the Bible.  All the answers you need, all the comfort you need, and a place to go when you think you have no where else.

31.  I am thankful for farmers.  They work long days and nights to put clothes on our backs and food on our tables.

32.  I am thankful for my car.  It gets me to work everyday.  It takes me to the beach and the mountain and to my friends houses.  It may not be clean or big, but it gets me there.

33.  I am thankful for coffee.  It just has the ability to make everything ok.  Whether you are sharing a cup with a friend or to start your day.  It truly is good to the last drop.

34.  I am thankful for snuggle time with Owen.  There is nothing better than a blanket, Owen, a good movie.

35.  I am thankful for Veteran's.  Thank you to the men and women who have proudly served this country.  We will never know the cost of freedom.

36.  I am thankful for my bed.  It is just what I need after a long day.  It is warm and cozy, and just the right balance of hard and soft.

37.  I am thankful for time change.  I love getting up with the sun and not having to go to work in the dark.  I also enjoy my husband getting home before bed time.

38.  I am thankful for family dinners at the table.  These are one of my favorite things.  Eating and sharing things about our day. 

39.  I am thankful for indoor plumbing.  Imagine if you had to go and you had to walk outside to do it, this would be no good. 

40.  I am thankful for technology.  What did we ever do with it?  It helps me stay in touch with the world and family and friends.  It just makes life easier....most of the time.

41.  I am thankful for beautiful sunsets.  They just make you appreciate the simple things in life.

42.  I am thankful for the beach.  The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt, the size of the ocean, it all makes you realize how small and insignificant you are.

43.  I am thankful for a good comfortable pair of jeans.  They have just the right fit and are just the right color.  You can wear them anywhere.

44.  I am thankful for fresh fruit in season.  I love picking strawberries and blueberries, not so much picking blackberries, but eating them.  Apple season it one of my favorites, too!

45.  I am thankful for movie popcorn.  It is one of my favorite things in the world.  And I don't get it very often.  I remember when I was pregnant with Owen I would go the movie theater just to buy a bag of popcorn and not even watch a movie.

46.  I am thankful for random text messages from friends.   There is nothing that brightens my day more than to hear from a friend.  Today, for instance, I got one from one of my dearest friends Martha just to say hey and love ya.  They bring a smile to my face.

47.  I am thankful for my ambition.  I am glad that I am always looking for a way to be a better teacher, mother, wife, and friend.

48.  I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to travel.  To Europe in high school, all over the east coast, once to Texas all by myself, to Iowa for CERES (my college fraternity).  One of my favorite - to Kentucky on a mission trip.  I haven't been all over the world, but I have been enough places to know there is more to life than just where I live.

49.  I am thankful for the movie Cars.  It has helped get a lot accomplished but entertaining my son for hours.  Even though we have watched more times than is healthy for one person.  I am thankful we have it.

50.  I am thankful for cereal.  Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with or without milk, its good stuff.  You can take it anywhere and it comes in all flavors, which I don't think there is one I don't like.  I'll have to raisin bran crunch might be my favorite.

Looking forward to the next 25 next week :)
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So much to be thankful for!


  1. Nice! Me too on so many of htsoe - especially coffee! Good job on the link within add-on. See you in the AM.

  2. lovely list! I've got an Owen as well! :)

  3. I love your list, it's wonderful to be so thankful! :)


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