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Thankful Thursday Week 4

76.  I am thankful for prayer.  God answers prayers, hears prayers, and sometimes doesn't answers prayers.  It is the fact that he listens to me that gives me comfort.  I am a believer that prayers work.

77.  I am thankful for flowers.  The fact that something so beautiful comes out of the dirt, is amazing.  All shapes, sizes, and colors.  God's hands at work.

78.  I am thankful for radio.  I love listening to the radio, for no other reason than they pick the song for me.  It requires little work for me and its free!

79.  I am thankful for babies!  Yes, I know they cry and spit up and poop.  But they are so cute and lovable.

80.  I am thankful for weekends.  2 days off to recover from the week and prepare for the next week.  I don't think you could be a teacher without weekends.

81.  I am thankful for true acceptance.  I am glad that there are people that accept me just the way am I, and love me for being me.

82.  I am thankful for blogs.  I love writing on mine and reading lots of others.  I actually created this blog in 2005, when I was in college.  But it took some inspiration from my friend Kendal for me to get it going right and to figure out how to use it.  Thanks Kendal!

83.  I am thankful for memories.  The good ones with my aunt and grandparents and the bad ones that I don't like to talk about.  They all make me who I am today and allow me to never forget the important things.

84.  I am thankful for presents.  Not for me  (even though I do like getting them), but more than that I LOVE TO GIVE THEM.  Especially when it is for no reason at all.

85.  I am thankful for our puppy Jake.

86.  I am thankful for inventors.  You know what if Albert Einstein had given up or Alexander Graham Bell had said no one will ever use this.

87.  I am thankful for book stores.  It is like its own retreat.  I could stay for days especially if they have a coffee shop.  I think I could just live there forever.

88.  I am thankful for bath and body works.  I know this one is a little crazy.  But I have always loved this store.  When I was 11 or 12, bath and body works was something only in the big city, which I would visit once a year to spend a week with my best friend Emily in Raleigh.  It was a must that we went to this store while I was there.   Still love it, my favorite are the holiday fragrances.

89.  I am thankful for surprises in the mail box and Christmas cards.  (This does not include unexpected bills.)  A card from a friend brightens my day.

90.  I am thankful for birthdays.  A day of celebration just for you being born.

91.  I am thankful for hugs.  They just seem to make you feel better and their free!

92.  I am thankful for my Sunday school class.  We have a close bond in Christ and there is nothing better than that feeling.

93.  I am thankful for thoughts and the fact that we can think them without anyone hearing them, well some of us:)

94.  I am thankful for a week off from school, which has given me time with Owen.  This is the best time in the world.

95.  I am thankful for windows.  They let the sun in and make my house a home.  The view out the window puts life back in perspective.

96. I am thankful for close friendships.  The ones who know something is wrong even without you telling.  The ones who make you smile and laugh and are there when life is tough and when life is good. 

97.  I am thankful for today.  I thankful God gave me life this morning, to share a day of thankfulness with my family and eat good food.

98.  I am thankful for the future.  Whether I'm here on earth or in my heavenly home..the future looks bright.

99. I am thankful for the life I have.  I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for my blessings, without you I wouldn't even have a list of 1 thing.

100.  I am thankful for those of you who have taken the time time to read all the 100 things I'm thankful for.  I encourage you to make your own list.

I wish you a very happy thanksgiving.  We have more than enough.

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  1. GREAT list, Karrie. You brightened my day today.


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