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5 minute soapbox

i'm not one to be confrontational.  i will avoid an agreement at all cost.  so when i've seen these post on facebook or heard someone say something about God in schools i've keep my mouth shut.  there is the one about God looks at the dog locked out of the school and says i know they won't let me in, the one that says God, Why aren't you in my school? Child, I'm not allowed in schools. and so on and so forth....repost...

this is the point where i say...let me tell you...while bobbing my head and shaking my finger(which i have never done in my life)

GOD is in school!  GOD is in everything!  He is the great I am!  He is in every child and every teacher.  We are created in his image.  You can't tell GOD he can't be some where, he can't help being there.  I am a teacher, and believe me prayer is happening in school, I pray every day as much and as often as possible.  You can't keep GOD out! soapbox.....



  1. for what it's worth, I like the head shaking, finger-wagging you :) well said friend!

  2. amen! and i like to say that as long as there are christian teachers and students and custodians and cafeteria workers and bus drivers and secretaries and administrators then there is prayer in school, too!


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