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what have you been evangelistic about lately? a great book you had to tell everyone about?  your team that won or in my case lost this week? the best dessert in the world? JESUS?

we studied these verses today in Sunday School, John 1:29-46.....John sees Jesus and tells his friends...who tell there family....Jesus tells Philip who tells his friend Nathanael....and they followed all because someone TOLD

(side note: this verse made me laugh out loud...John 1:46  “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked.  “Come and see,” said Philip.)

today i taught about telling about Jesus......
today i listened to a Godly man talk about his journey to tell others about Jesus.....

tomorrow God will put someone in my path that I need to tell....I hope I will.  Will you?


  1. It is when we share Him to others than we can truly see Him in us! It is not easy to do, but when we let Him be our Words, it comes naturally :)


  2. A resounding yes...may I always be open to sharing with whomever God puts in my path.

  3. We just began a study of John, too. And ran into John the baptist who was a witness to what he saw.

    This was encouraging to me . . . I can be a witness to what I have seen of God in my life.

    So . . . yes.


  4. I love to share my Jesus with others. I'm praying I won't be too wrapped up in my desires to hear the Spirit's urgings.


  5. Thank you for this very important reminder. I especially like the prayer that you ended with.


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