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opening my eyes

sometimes i walk around pulling the blanket over my eyes
i don't see all the good stuff in the space around me

today i opened my eyes to the blessings
coffee on the porch in the brisk morning air
husband finishing farm work in time to go to sunday school
scripture speaking to me in 2 Timothy 3
brother in law playing amazing grace for 9/11 remembrance
my best friend and her fiance coming to sunday school
nursing my sweet baby girl
lunch with my mom and dad 
watching husband hold addie while owen played at his feet
a clean kitchen
my sister in law, so glad she married my brother
talking about what i learned at beth moore's simulcast with my mom
reading my get to know you letters my students wrote me about themselves
supper with my great grandma, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and cousins

God opening my eyes to my blessings


  1. love your list so so much. and i love that i can hear your voice with it. see you in an hour!!!!!

  2. We are blessed indeed...we simply need to open our eyes and acknowledge it. Love your sweet list.

  3. counting them one by one is all we need. What a wonderful way to start your day :)


  4. It is so good to have our eyes open to the blessings in our lives. Great list.


  5. Beautiful blessings and beautiful eyes and heart in which to see them.

    What a testament to a grateful spirit.


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